Power Up! Supercharge Your Food and Fitness

Power Up! Supercharge Your Food & Fitness graphic Power Up! Supercharge Your Food and Fitness

USDA. Food and Nutrition Service.

This food and fitness program is designed just for teens.

In focus groups, students said that they shared program information with their friends and family. Some teens also said they were applying nutrition lessons to address their own health issues.

Teachers who piloted this program said the program is:

    • flexible
    • easy to use
    • engaging and hands-on

The USDA created this resource to target teen needs and interests. The teen years are an important time to give people the tools they need to eat healthy and be active.

Four modules of this curriculum were pilot tested in 3 schools located in low-income areas. After the pilot test, the curriculum was revised based on feedback received from teachers and students.

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USDA. Food and Nutrition Service