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Food eTalk Delivers Nutrition Education to the Palm of Your Hand

| Georgia

May 05, 2017

Food Talk is an online nutrition education eLearning program which features 6 - 10-minute interactive lessons, cooking videos, and just-in-time learning videos. 

Food eTalk includes a mobile-first interface, user-friendly navigation, Southern influence, and lesson topics focus on: 

  • Sodium reduction
  • Increase in fruits/vegetables
  • Food resource management principles
  • Food safety

Just-in-time learning videos give people a chance to learn in context. The videos help people make nutrition-related decisions when they need to make them. After watching a video, people may read a food label to choose a healthy bread at the grocery store or plan meals for their family.

hand holding a smart phone

Program Success

This is an innovative SNAP-Ed nutrition education program and is a groundbreaking education method for adults who are eligible for SNAP-Ed. Participants have shared they like the features of

‘anytime, anyplace’


‘I can just quick log on when I have a minute here and a minute there’

This mode of nutrition education offers contextual learning opportunities, such as point-of-decision making in a supermarket, and allows participants to learn at their own ‘teachable’ moment.

person holding a tablet

Type of Program

Direct education eLearning online nutrition education

Years of Implementation


Target Audience

Georgian adults in all Georgian counties who are eligible to receive SNAP

Program Evaluation

Food eTalk was based on interview needs assessments and extensive mixed-methods formative evaluation. The formative evaluation include

  • Focus groups
  • Interviews
  • Self-reported baseline internet habits
  • Internet self-efficacy
  • User-tracking data using a learning management system

The program evaluation will be expanding in FY 2018 to outcome evaluation using pre-post surveys.

This post was submitted by the University of Georgia, an implementing agency of SNAP-Ed. For more information, please contact Edda Cotto-Rivera or 706-542-7171. All logos are used with permission.