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SHAPES (Supporting Health and Activity in Preschool Environments) is an interactive online physical activity training program for preschool teachers, directors, and administrators. The training consists of six online modules with written, narrated, and video content. Modules are completed at each participant's convenience over the course of six weeks, with support from the SHAPES staff. Each module includes 30 minutes of web-based training and 30 minutes of practical implementation.

Evaluation Information

The three papers describe the evidence base for SHAPES and reflect its systematic development (Howie), proven effectiveness in an outcome evaluation (Pate), and its potential for dissemination (Kennedy).

Funding Source
BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina Foundation.
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SNAP-Ed Connection Comments

Per developer: SHAPES received the designation of Research-Tested Intervention Program from the National Cancer Institute. SHAPES current (and future) evaluation is a process evaluation that focuses on implementation and is based on participant surveys. Participant surveys are administered as part of the SHAPES program, via the SHAPES website, and are completed on a voluntary basis. Participants are encouraged to complete the surveys via discussion board posts and reminder emails. Relevant project indicators: Indicator 1:Teacher completion of SHAPES modules Indicator 2: Implementation of SHAPES in the classroom Evaluation: Participant surveys (see description above) Expected Result 1: Among teachers who initiate the SHAPES online training program, at least 75% will complete four of six modules (67%) in the program. Expected Result 2: Among teachers who complete the SHAPES online training program, at least 75% will report implementing the program with fidelity to key elements of the program.

Evaluation Framework Indicators