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1 Select PSE Changes 2 Report PSE Changes 3 Communicate Findings

The toolkit is intended to help SNAP-Ed agencies make data-informed decisions in planning PSE initiatives, meet program reporting requirements, and communicate the results of PSE work to interested parties. The toolkit includes suggestions for incorporating input from various potential collaborators, including community members and partners.

This toolkit provides both foundational information to support program requirements described in the SNAP-Ed Plan Guidance and supplemental material that agencies may use to enhance their SNAP-Ed work. This toolkit expands on and complements previously developed SNAP-Ed resources in the aspects of planning, implementing, and evaluating PSE change efforts.

  • The SNAP-Ed Plan Guidance provides PSE change approaches, descriptions, and examples, while this toolkit adds details on planning, measuring, and reporting of PSE changes.
  • The SNAP-Ed Needs Assessment Toolkit outlines steps for conducting a State-level needs assessment, while the PSE toolkit aids agencies in selecting PSE initiatives based on needs assessment findings with community and partner input.
  • The SNAP-Ed Evaluation Framework specifies evaluation metrics for PSE changes, while this toolkit details ways to evaluate PSE changes aligned with the Framework indicators and FNS reporting requirements.
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USDA. Food and Nutrition Service.
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