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Fast Meals and Quick Snacks: A Cookbook for Teens

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California Nutrition Network.

Fast Meals & Quick Snacks is a flip chart cookbook of 62 low-cost recipes designed for use by low income adolescents.

Historical Document
Funding Source
USDA Food Stamp Program. and California Nutrition Network.
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Evaluation Information

Recipes were evaluated by M. Jane Heinig, PhD, UC Davis, Department of Nutrition, for adherence to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, accuracy, affordability of ingredients, clarity and consistent word usage, grammar and spelling, and appropriate reading level. Recipes were not tested individually, but were reviewed for apparent accuracy by comparison to similar recipes in other texts.

SNAP-Ed Connection Comments

This resource is no longer available online. Contact developer for more information. The Fast Meals & Quick Snacks cookbook has valuable information for teens who are interested in learning how to cook. The cookbook includes two parts:
Part One of the cookbook discusses the following subjects:

  • cooking methods
  • cooking terms
  • the Food Guide Pyramid
  • tips for shopping
  • menu planning
  • frozen foods
  • convenience foods
  • food safety and storage
  • water consumption
  • eating breakfast Also included is an activity called, “Get Your Diet Score,” where users can tally the number of servings from the food groups that they consume each day and rate themselves on the provided scale.
    Part Two contains the recipes which range from 1-12 ingredients. The recipes are grouped into the following sections:
  • smoothies and spritzers
  • eggs
  • breads
  • muffins and pancakes
  • snacks
  • beans
  • vegetables
  • rice and pasta
  • chicken
  • fish and meat
  • sweets
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