Healthy, Thrifty Holiday Menus

Make Tasty, Affordable Holiday Menus with SNAP-Ed Connection recipes!

Each menu has vegetarian options, indicated with . Cost estimates for the ingredients are also included.

All recipes meet the What’s Cooking? USDA Mixing Bowl Nutrition Criteria. Menus were not designed to meet requirements for any USDA or other government food assistance program.

football February

Game Day
See the Game Day menu with pictures.


Chinese new year items
Chinese New Year
See the Chinese New Year menu with pictures.

Valentine's Day
See the Valentine's Day menu with pictures.

mardi gras mask
Mardi Gras
Don't let the name fool you: even though it's called "Fat Tuesday," there are plenty of healthy, nutritious choices for this day of celebration!

Confetti Slaw
Catfish Stew and Rice  OR  Easy Red Beans and Rice
Lite Fried Okra
Corn Muffins-refer to cookbook below for recipe (Similar version found here)
Southern Banana Pudding
Download the Mardi Gras Cookbook in English (PDF|1.10MB) or Spanish (PDF|1.09MB)

Cost per serving: $3.63 OR $1.76
Cost for 6 servings: $21.78 OR $10.56

vegetarian icon = Vegetarian Option