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Tell us about your nutrition education materials by completing the Sharing Center Submission Form. We review each item submitted. Materials that meet the scope and criteria of the SNAP-Ed Connection are included in the resource system.

If you would like to donate a copy of a new resource for us to review, please address it to:

SNAP-Ed Connection
Food and Nutrition Information Center
USDA/ARS National Agricultural Library
10301 Baltimore Avenue, Suite 108
Beltsville, MD 20705-2351

According to the Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995, an agency may not conduct or sponsor, and a person is not required to respond to, a collection of information unless it displays a valid OMB control number. The valid OMB control number for this information collection is PRA#0518-0031. The time required to complete this information will vary based upon one's relationship to the resource being submitted. It is estimated to take 19 minutes to complete the entire survey. This includes time for reviewing instructions, searching existing data sources, gathering and maintaining the data needed, and completing and reviewing the collection of information. If you need help with this form, please contact us or call: Telephone: (301) 504-5414. TYY: (301) 504-6856.