Resource Finder Search Tips

To increase you chances of finding items in our database, try the following tips to improve your search.

          • Use only one search term or phrase when using the Simple Search. This search does not support Boolean searches (i.e., "cooking AND baking").

          • Try truncating words. For instance, searching for "cook" will find "cooking", "cooked", "cooks", "precooked", etc.

          • Check the Agricultural Thesaurus to find key words. We assign keywords to items in the database using a controlled vocabulary. Using one of these keywords will help increase your search results.

          • Check the spelling of your search terms. You can find the preferred spelling of keywords in the Agricultural Thesaurus.

          • Make your search less specific.

You may be searching on words outside the scope of this database. The Resource Finder only includes SNAP-Ed topics and related support materials.