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Cooking delicious, healthy, and thrifty foods is at the heart of SNAP-Ed!  Check out our seasonal recipe ideas, video recipe collections, and recipes from SNAP-Ed partners across the country.

Seasonal Recipes

  • Spring Recipes

    Springtime is often seen as a time of renewal, which means it's the perfect time to add some new recipes to your repertoire! Try some lighter, brighter, and more colorful menu items this spring, using delicious seasonal produce. Check out this collection of fresh, flavorful, and affordable spring recipes from MyPlate Kitchen that you are sure to enjoy.  
  • Summer Recipes

    The long, lazy days of summer are the perfect backdrop for lingering at backyard barbecues, picnicking in the park, and savoring sweet and juicy desserts. Keeping that in mind, here are some sensational summer recipes from MyPlate Kitchen. These recipes range from salads to beverages to desserts. They use seasonal produce, and are all healthy, low cost, and delicious!
  • Fall Recipes

    When the leaves start turning colors and there’s a chill in the air again, many people's appetites start changing too. For families with kids, this time of year often means back to school routines and fall sports, and less time for weeknight family dinners. No need to worry… here are some fantastic fall recipes from MyPlate Kitchen, including simple dinners and satisfying soups. All recipes encompass the flavors of the season.  

  • Winter Recipes

    Winter is all about cold weather, coziness, and comfort foods. Warm your belly in winter with some of these simple yet satisfying winter recipes from MyPlate Kitchen. There are hot soups you can enjoy at the end of a cold day, hearty side dishes to fill you up, and even some delicious, seasonal desserts. Warm up with these winter favorites!