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Policy Memorandums

Recent policy memorandums.

This act is commonly referred to as the "Farm Bill."

Historical Policy Memorandums


This memo provides additional information to help both the Regional Office staff and the State agency staff to transition the SNAP-Ed related expenditures to the new 100% federal funding stream.

Memo outlines the operations of SNAP-Ed that are affected by the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010.


"Current policy for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Education (SNAP-Ed) requires that States use actual teacher salaries when calculating Federal SNAP-Ed reimbursement for teachers involved in nutrition education. Some State Directors have requested that the Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) allow the use of average teacher salaries in order to reduce the reporting burden for SNAP-Ed. FNS will allow the use of average teacher salaries using the following parameters outlined in this memo."

Policy memo outlining the use of electronic signatures for time and effort reporting by SNAP-Ed providers.


"This policy memorandum is to clarify the language used in the 2009 FSNE Plan Guidance regarding the use of health care organizations as FSNE sub-grantees."


"This memorandum provides instructions to State agencies selected to pilot test the submission of multi-year FSNE State Plans. These supplementary instructions should be used along with the FSNE Plan Guidance."


"Provides clarification regarding the role of Food Stamp Nutrition Education (FSNE) in supporting or financing the development and implementation of Child Nutrition Local School Wellness Policy."

"Provides a standard cost calculation that may be used in lieu of actual depreciation cost data to charge the cost of government owned space by Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) grantees."

"This policy memorandum sets forth Food Stamp Nutrition Education (FSNE) State Plan approval policies."

"Clarifies and reemphasizes what constitutes reasonable and necessary nutrition education materials cost associated with delivery of Food Stamp Nutrition Education (FSNE)."

"Policy memorandum to set forth additional criterion to allow States to offer FSNE in retail grocers on the basis of high volume FSP redemptions under waiver."


"This policy memorandum clarifies what constitutes reasonable and necessary salary costs associated with the delivery of nutrition education and outreach."

This policy memorandum provides clarifications on full cost accounting, contingent approval, in-kind contributions and Americorps volunteers.