Lead Poisoning and Nutrition

Lead Poisoning and Nutrition for Children

Facts on Nutrition and Lead Exposure

Purdue Extension Nutrition Education Program

Also available to download in English (PDF | 397 KB) and Spanish (PDF | 396 KB).

What Types of Foods Can Help Prevent Lead Poisoning?

Massachusetts Department of Health and Human Services.

Lead Poisoning Prevention

Minnesota Department of Health.

Lead Poisoning and Nutrition During Pregnancy

Pregnancy and Lead Poisoning (PDF | 510 KB)

The New Your City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

General Information about Lead Poisoning and Nutrition

Lead Prevention Diet (PDF | 162 KB)

Commonwealth of Kentucky Department for Public Health.

Nutrition and Lead Poisoning Prevention

Nebraska Department of Health & Human Services.

Healthy, Low-Cost Recipes and Menus

Healthy, Low-Cost Recipes

USDA. FNS. SNAP-Ed Connection.

Links to recipe Web sites that have healthy, easy, and low-cost recipes.

Recipes with Calcium from Milk, Cheese or Yogurt

USDA What's Cooking Mixing Bowl.

Low-cost, easy recipes containing calcium.

Recipes with Fruits and Vegetables

USDA What's Cooking Mixing Bowl.

Many fruits and vegetables contain Vitamin C. These low-cost, easy recipes have at least one cup of fruits and vegetables per serving.

Healthy, Thrifty Holiday Menus

USDA. FNS. SNAP-Ed Connection.

Menus made with healthy, low-cost recipes and crafted around holiday traditions.