Cooking: The Basics

Cooking Terms

Learn Cooking Terms and Methods (PDF | 556 KB)

University of Hawaii at Manoa Cooperative Extension.

Cooking Skills

SNAP-Ed, Utah State University Extension.

Basics at a Glance: Equivalent Measurements and Abbreviations (PDF | 1.5 MB)

University of Mississippi Institute of Child Nutrition.

Browse a List of Food Dictionaries and Encyclopedias

USDA. NAL. Food and Nutrition Information Center.

Ingredient Substitutions

Substitutions and Equivalents in Food Ingredients (PDF | 62 KB)

Purdue University Cooperative Extension Service.

Find Common Ingredient Substitutions

SNAP-Ed, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension.

Also available in PDF (405 KB).

Modifying a Recipe to be Healthier (PDF | 137 KB)

Ohio State University Extension.

Flavor That Food! (PDF | 5.87 KB)

SNAP-Ed, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension.

Make food tasty without salt.

Helpful Tips for Beginner Cooks

Food Hero: Cooking Basics

SNAP-Ed, Oregon State University Extension.

Food $ense Cooking Basics

SNAP-Ed, Utah State University Extension.

Cooking Basics (PDF | 2,625 KB)

Alabama Cooperative Extension System.

Eat Smart, Get Your Family to the Table: Cooking Basics (PDF | 1,183 KB)

EFNEP. The University of Tennessee Extension.

Food Preparation

University of Minnesota Extension.

Cooking with Herbs & Spices

University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension.