Research Evaluations of SNAP-Ed Programs

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The Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) conducted evaluation studies of several SNAP-Ed programs. The evaluation studies were conducted in two parts, "Wave I" and "Wave II". Read more about the studies below.

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Wave II Demonstration Project Winners

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FNS is excited to announce the Demonstration Projects selected for Wave II of the Models of SNAP-Ed and Evaluation study! The selection process was challenging as meritorious applications were received from almost every FNS Region. Nonetheless, the Demonstration Project Proposal Review Committee felt that the following projects could be successful while remaining replicable, evaluable and consistent with SNAP-Ed Guidance.

The Iowa Nutrition Network/Iowa Department of Public Health
The Iowa Nutrition Network (INN) will use its BASICS program and Pick a Better Snack campaign "to test the hypothesis that nutrition education delivered through a multi-channel approach will produce better results than one limited to school-based channels."

The University of Kentucky
The University of Kentucky Extension Service is modifying its Literacy, Eating and Activity for Preschoolers (LEAP I) to be suitable for first and third graders in two rural, Appalachian school districts. The University of Kentucky self-evaluation will be a randomized control trial using pre-intervention, post-intervention and follow-up measurement of fruit and vegetable consumption. Measurement will be conducted, in part, by photographic plate waste assessment.

The Michigan State University
The Michigan State University Extension Service will administer the "Eat Smart, Live Strong" nutrition education program for older Americans in 8 Michigan counties of which approximately two-thirds are rural. The self-evaluation component involves the pairing of 24 senior centers and subsequent random assignment to experimental condition. At both treatment and control sites, pre-intervention and post-intervention measurements of fruit and vegetable consumption will be made.

These three, new Wave II Demonstration Projects join with the Chickasaw Nation Nutrition Service, the University of Nevada at Reno, the New York State Department of Health, and the Pennsylvania State University in our continuing effort to identify effective and innovative SNAP-Ed nutrition education programs and self-evaluation techniques.

SNAP Education and Evaluation Study (Wave I): Final Report

USDA. Food and Nutrition Service.

"Reports on the evaluation of the first (Wave I) of two sets of demonstration projects selected to identify potential models of effective SNAP-Ed interventions and impact evaluations." Wave I evaluated four interventions aimed at increasing fruit and vegetable consumption, three among preschoolers or elementary age children, and one among low-income women.

Demonstration Project Selection Criteria (DOC | 72 KB)

Document provides detailed information on the scored criteria for project selection.