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Montana state university extension Buy Eat Live Better

This post was submitted by Montana State University Extension, an implementing agency of SNAP-Ed.

Type of Program
Nutrition Education and Policy, Systems, and Environmental Change

Buy Eat Live Better

  • Teaches SNAP-Ed eligible youth and adults in the locations that they eat, live, learn, work, play, and shop.
  • Collaborates with community and statewide partners to leverage resources and increase program reach to eligible audiences.
  • Empowers organizations and individuals to create changes in policies, systems, and environments that make the healthy choice the easy choice for all Montanans.
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Program Success
Graduates from nutrition classes improved their healthy habits.

“After taking the SNAP-Ed nutrition lessons, I hear my students discussing food labels and challenging each other to reduce their intake of soda and other sugary drinks.”
- 5th grade teacher

“I am very excited we have the community garden up and running with 16 raised beds this year. We have 6 plots maintained by SNAP-Ed participants.”
-Nutrition Educator

On the Flathead Reservation, the Nutrition Educator taught youth and adults while partnering with organizations to promote school wellness. This year, she also provided support to a local school district which resulted in the adoption of a comprehensive, district-wide school wellness policy.

In Big Horn County and on the Crow Reservation, the Nutrition Educator taught youth and adults while partnering with the local food bank and farmers’ market. The educator also collaborated with partners to build a community garden and increase the availability of fresh produce at the food bank.

Adult participants
(413 participants, 163 graduates)

  • ate more fruit (27%) and vegetables (38%)
  • were more physically active (43%)
  • improved food safety practices (56%)
  • improved food resource management practices (71%)

Youth participants
(4,109 participants, 3,148 graduates)

  • were more physically active (21%)
  • improved food safety practices (42%)
  • made healthier food choices (80%)

Target Audience
Adults, youth, and families in Montana who are eligible for SNAP.

Years of Implementation

Number of Participants
The Buy Eat Live Better program’s SNAP-Ed funding provided nutrition education classes to 3,561 participants in 2016, and reached 332,468 Montanan’s with education and/or environmental changes in the same year.

Program Evaluation
The program is evaluated using the following indicators from the SNAP-Ed Evaluation Framework:

  • Individual Level: MT1, MT2, MT3, MT4
  • Environmental Settings: ST7, MT5, MT6, LT8
  • Sectors of Influence: ST8
  • Population Results: R2

For more information, please contact Carrie Ashe or 406-994-2015.