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White Earth Nation: Partnership with Substance Abuse Programs

| Minnesota

Nov 30, 2018
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White Earth Nation’s SNAP-Education program partners with the Maternal Outreach and Mitigation (MOMs) Program. This outpatient program helps moms gain the skills they need to follow a healthy diet after achieving sobriety. The SNAP-Ed program is successful because it meets specific nutrition education needs. Clients receive culturally grounded nutrition information to help them follow a healthy diet. They also learn to cook for themselves and their children. 

SNAP-Ed’s partnership with the MOMS Program is highly successful. The MOMs Program provides services to pregnant women and moms. The program provides services ranging from cooking and nutrition classes, to prenatal care, mental health services, and parenting classes. MOMS clients can choose whether to attend nutrition classes as part of their program. Nutrition education classes have a great turnout! In its first year, 75 women participated. Results from pre- and post-tests showed 95% of the clients improved their ability to make healthy meals. 

Participants smile as they relate a story of the victory they’ve had solving a “not going to try” attitude.  SNAP-Ed encourages healthy choices and the results are measurable. Educators see clients visibly improving their skills. Clients say: “This Class Rocks” and “I Love This Class”!

SNAP-Ed’s partnership with MOMS has been well-received because nutritional healing is a big part of recovering from addiction. 

Nutrition education helps clients make healthy choices for themselves. It also helps them make healthy choices for their families. Clients tell educators that their children now chose fruit as their treat at the grocery store. They also tell about how they serve fruit as an after-school snack. 

White Earth Nation's SNAP-Ed program makes a difference for the community because it shows that good nutrition includes traditional foods and flavorings. Good nutrition also includes eating a big variety of foods. The main focus of these SNAP-Ed classes is to encourage participants to eat more fruits and vegetables. Educators show participants that clients’ way of life is important to the community and to them. 

Nutrition education improves the lives of clients who take the classes. It also will make a difference to future generations of families on White Earth Reservation.

This article was submitted by White Earth Nation, a SNAP-Ed Implementing Agency. For more information, please contact Colleen Blattenbauer.

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