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Virginia Family Nutrition Program

| Virginia

Mar 26, 2015


The Virginia Family Nutrition Program is a comprehensive nutrition education program offered in a variety of settings to both youth and adult audiences. It has resulted in significant dietary behavior change as well as positive nutrition messages. Materials are distributed in short-term educational activities with a reinforcement of messages using social media.

Type of Program

Nutrition Education

Years of Program Implementation


Number of Participants

113,789 direct contacts in FY2014

Target Audience

Youth and Adult SNAP recipients and other low income individuals

Program Evaluation

In FY2014, 3087 adults completed the assessment tool at pre and post educational intervention. Several key findings were as follows:

  • 89% of participants showed improvement in one or more food resource management practices (i.e. plans meals, compares prices, does not run out of food or uses grocery lists).
  • 92% of participants showed improvement in one or more nutrition practices (i.e. makes healthy food choices, prepares foods without adding salt, reads nutrition labels, and has children eat breakfast).
  • 73% of participants showed improvement in one or more food safety practices (i.e. thawing and storing foods properly).

This article was written and submitted by the Virginia Family Nutrition Program. For further information please contact Elena Serrano, Interim Director. All logos are used with permission.