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Vegetable Tasting Activities

| Connecticut

Apr 27, 2018

Vegetable Tasting Activities Conducted by SNAP-Ed Program in the Community Motivates Low Income Participants to Eat and Prepare more Vegetables.

The Hispanic Health Council SNAP-Ed Program in Connecticut has been implementing vegetable tasting activities at a Mobile Market and at a Farmers Market serving low-income neighborhoods. These markets accept SNAP benefits and offer incentives. Tasting activities include a recipe which includes just one vegetable. The main objectives of this activity include:

  1. Encourage participants to try the vegetable recipe
  2. Increase participants’ willingness to prepare more vegetables at home
  3. Learn about how families are planning to increase vegetable consumption

Individuals received one-on-one 10-minute nutrition education. Next, they see the the recipe being prepared. They are then given the opportunity to taste the recipe. Lastly, they fill out a brief survey of their experience.

educator stands at a food tasting table giving out samples


  • 397 individuals participated
  • 45% were SNAP recipients
  • 71% women
  • 70% Hispanic
samples of vegetable tastings given to participants
sample of food tastings

Survey Results:

Recipe Tasting

  • 90% of participants rated the recipe as good/excellent
  • 90% said they will prepare the recipe at home
  • 93% said they were planning to eat more vegetables as a result of the activity

Plans to Increase Vegetable Consumption

  • 38% of participants said they plan to prepare more salads
  • 22% said they plan to buy more vegetables
  • 28% did not have a plan because they were already eating enough vegetables

Examples of comments about the recipe: “it taste good and fast to do” and “simple and delicious”.

This activity increased the willingness of participants to buy and prepare more vegetables.

This program is funded by the USDA SNAP-Ed program. For more information contact: Sofia Segura-Pérez, M.S., R.D. Hispanic Health Council SNAP-Ed program 860 527 0856 ext. 1260.