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SNAP4CT Online Platform

| Connecticut

Jul 03, 2018
SNAP4CT Logo is an online platform. It includes a website, eNewsletter, and social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Pinterest).  SNAP4CT provides the SNAP and SNAP-Eligible population access to nutrition information, healthy living tips, recipes, free health events, information about farmers market, and access to Registered Dietitians. These services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This tool helps find reliable nutrition and health information on either a mobile device or computer. expands website launched in the fall of 2014. The goal was to deliver simple nutrition education, videos, recipes, and other healthy lifestyle content to SNAP-Eligible participants.  The site expanded to include social media accounts. This helped to reach participants of all ages throughout the state, and support other community projects. SNAP4CT provides event promotion and nutrition materials, including print-ready recipes available in Spanish & English. The site also has a calendar of all SNAP-Ed events.  

screenshot of snap4ct website Success

The platforms have grown since their start in 2014. In FY 2017, the  platforms had 268,225 online visits, with website visitors coming from 156 of the 169 towns in Connecticut. The largest percent of visitors came from areas with the greatest SNAP-Eligible population. 

In FY 2017, the @SNAP4CT Facebook page grew from 312 to 515 fans. added 34 new blog topics to the site utilizing plain language and photographs to convey nutrition and health messaging. These blogs were delivered as an eNewsletter, with subscribers growing from 662 to 852. Two free cookbooks were developed to help promote healthy recipes and increase visitors. The website’s “Ask a Nutritionist” feature had 34 visitors requesting personalized answers to their nutrition questions.

The platforms help to support and promote Husky Nutrition Programs’ in-person, direct education events. These events are spread  to our target audience using Facebook advertising and boosts. During these events, the website and social media accounts are promoted through postcards, business cards, magnets, and printed recipes. Participants are reminded that they can access additional nutrition education, videos, and recipes online, reinforcing direct education, and maintaining a connection with those participants.

For participants who are unable to attend events or sessions, Husky Nutrition Programs has developed “virtual grocery store tours.” These online tours provide key concepts via video and are accessible by visiting the website and YouTube Channel.  A popular interactive farmers market map on the website and social media outlets educate the value of using SNAP at local farmers markets. In FY 2017, the map received 4,566 views (desktop) and 455 views (mobile).

Type of program 

Nutrition Education (Online), Social Marketing

What year(s) was this program in place?

November 2014 to present.

How much do people interact with the messages?’s reach in FY2017 included:

  • 268,225 Online Interactions
  • 56,779 Worldwide Page views
  • 29,251 Connecticut Page views
  • 852 eNewsletter Subscribers
  • 205,527 Facebook Impressions
  • 2,047 Instagram Engagements
  • 237 CT YouTube Video Views

Who is the target audience?

SNAP-Eligible individuals with access to an internet connection and a mobile device (phone, tablet) or computer.

How is the program evaluated? 

In addition to daily, weekly and monthly metrics collected via Google Analytics and other tools, Husky Nutrition Programs plans to complete an online survey in spring of 2018 to evaluate how participants engage with and access the site.  

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