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Pick It! Try It! Like It!

| South Dakota

Sep 27, 2016

Materials from Pick It! Try It! Like It! (PTL) include 45 locally grown fruits/veggies including fact sheets, recipe cards, sampling demonstration instructions, videos on recipe preparation, and supplemental interactive whiteboard files for classrooms. (Not available at this time)

Type of Program

Educational resources on local fruits/vegetables

Years of Implementation


Number of Participants

Partnerships in 2015 were 12 grocery stores associated with school projects, all county WIC and SNAP offices, 4 community food policy councils. Total reach is indirect and unknown.

Target Audience

Food shoppers, cooks, gardeners

Program Evaluation

Interviews of shoppers and grocery/farmers market vendors, narrative feedback from community partners, number of web-page downloads and requests for print materials.

Statistics and Program Impact

65% of shoppers tasting food samples in store replied “Yes, I eat this (name of fruit or vegetable) often”. Over 70% of those who tasted the PTL recipe replied “Yes, I would use this recipe”. Shoppers thank demonstrators for the chance to sample a new recipe before going to the expense of buying ingredients.

Interviews of grocers/farmers market managers reported they would continue to use PTL materials. 10 of 24 managers felt the cards increased sales and that recipes and information were valuable in catching customer’s attention leading them to the produce.

This article was submitted by the South Dakota State University Extension. For further information please contact Karlys Wells or 605-688-4039. All logos are used with permission.

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