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Implementing the SNAP-Ed Framework in West Virginia

| West Virginia

Aug 02, 2017

Four Steps to Implementing the SNAP-Ed Framework in West Virginia 

West Virginia University Extension is the sole SNAP-Ed implementing agency with 5 sub-awards. We found that in order to implement the framework successfully throughout our diverse programs, it required a certain recipe:

Step 1: Prioritize 

Really focus in on the needs of the state/community and prioritize.

Step 2: Negotiate 

Involve staff, sub-awards and partners in the discussion. 

Getting in line with recommended programs in the SNAP-Ed Toolkit and aligning outcomes and measures in the SNAP-Ed Evaluation Framework and Interpretive Guide may require removing/revamping some programs and processes. 

Step 3: Consolidate 

After getting feedback from stakeholders, determine programs and measures based on those that are recommended in the SNAP-Ed Toolkit and the SNAP-Ed Evaluation Framework Interpretive Guide. 

Measuring direct education outcomes requires more data entry so using fewer surveys is ideal. 

Step 4: Integrate 

Change reporting processes and measurement tools in phases and with continual feedback from partners. 

(Repeat as needed)


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