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#FoodFriday Healthy Recipe Videos

| Alabama

Oct 26, 2018

SNAP-Ed at Auburn University launched the #FoodFriday Healthy Recipe Videos initiative in 2017. Short videos were developed for people with limited-resources. The videos are visually appealing, easy-to-prepare, healthy recipes. These videos give Alabama Extension one more tool to support community members. 

kickin' chicken stew

Program Summary 

The #FoodFriday Healthy Recipe Videos highlight ease-of-preparation and time saving ability. The videos provide the visual color and texture of the completed recipe.  

Criteria for inclusion in the recipe series included:

  • Low cost
  • Easy-to-prepare
  • Acceptable to children
  • Require only basic kitchen equipment
  • Use only generic ingredients
  • Use only readily available ingredients
  • Incorporate fruits and vegetables whenever possible
  • Satisfy nutrition criteria related to fat, sodium, calories, macronutrients, vitamins and minerals

Recipes were developed to meet the criteria. A taste-test period followed using a diverse group of taste testers.  Following the first round of input, recipes were discarded, kept or modified. Recipes were then retested.  Once testing was complete, the 20 final recipes were produced into 30-second videos. Videos were produced using a video production company.

Audience Engagement

After the recipe videos were complete, the #FoodFriday Healthy Recipe Videos were ready to be presented to the public. Multiple channels were used.

Social Media Campaign

The SNAP-Ed Extension team at Auburn University incorporated the videos as part of their Live Well Alabama social media campaign.  The videos were shared on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.  In addition, there was an intensive #FoodFriday campaign on both the Live Well Alabama and Alabama Cooperative Extension System’s Facebook sites.

Downloadable Recipes

Followers were able to click on a link to download a printable version of the video recipe.  This link also took them to the Live Well Alabama Web site where additional nutrition information about the recipe was available. 

spaghetti in a bowl

Educator Promotion

SNAP-Ed educators were encouraged to make the recipes and take pictures. Images were uploaded to Facebook tagging @LiveWellAlabama and #FoodFriday to repost the pictures to the Live Well Alabama Facebook page.

Direct Education Programs

Parents and students participating in direct education programs were provided links to recipe videos through a texting program. They were invited to post pictures preparing the recipes at home to the Live Well Alabama Facebook page.

Program Impact

Comments from followers:

“Really had fun making the food with my son”

“My kids didn’t even notice the cauliflower in the Sneaky Mashed Potatoes.  Great job!”

“Yummy and quick”


#FoodFriday Healthy Recipe Videos campaign Facebook analytic results (June 2017 to October 2017):

  • Recipe videos reached an average of 7,052 people.
  • Each recipe video averaged 1,168 views and 20 shares.
  • The most popular recipes were Skillet Spaghetti, Kickin’ Chicken Stew, Cheesy Quesadilla, and Hearty Egg Burritos.

Type of Program

Nutrition Education and Social Marketing

Years of Implementation


Target Audience

Low-income mothers with young children.

This article was submitted by Alabama Extension’s SNAP-Ed at Auburn University. For more information please contact Katie Funderburk or Sondra Parmer.