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Brighter Bites 

| Texas

May 05, 2017

Brighter Bites is a non-profit that delivers fresh fruits and vegetables directly into families’ hands, while teaching them how to use and choose a different kind of fast food. We make it fun. We make it free. And we make it happen via a simple, three-part formula:

  • Fill the Plate (produce distribution)
  • Educate (nutrition education)
  • Make it Great (fun food experience)

The mission of Brighter Bites is to create communities of health through fresh food. We are a comprehensive, multi-component school, preschool, and after-school program. The program increases access to fresh fruits and vegetables, and nutrition education for obesity prevention among low-income children and their families. Our goal is to help curb the childhood obesity epidemic in Texas by increasing the demand for fresh fruits and vegetables, leading to improved family eating habits and ultimately improved health outcomes.

a boy sits on a bench with a bag of groceries

Program Success

Our long-term study showed that participating families

  • Consumed more fruit and vegetables
  • Consumed fewer calories from added sugars
  • Cooked at home 2 times as much
  • Used nutrition facts labels to make purchasing decisions
  • Ate more meals together as a family
  • Had more fruits and vegetables available at home

As Brighter Bites grows, we will continue to track these data points to ensure our program remains effective.

three women stand among a bunch of produce filled bags

Type of Program

Nutrition Education

Years of Implementation


Number of Participants


Target Audience

Underserved families with school-age children living in the food deserts or Houston, Dallas, Austin, and Freeport, TX. Program Evaluation Brighter Bites has a robust program evaluation platform developed and implemented in collaboration with UTHealth School of Public Health. We have used key program indicators to track dosage, fidelity, and reach across all Brighter Bites locations since the program began in 2012.

This post was submitted by Brighter Bites, an implementing agency of SNAP-Ed. For more information, please contact Mike Pomeroy.

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