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Active In-Home Learning: Virtual, Live Physical Activity in Orland, CA

| California



In the spring of 2020 when schools shut down, California State University (CSU) Chico, Center for Healthy Communities responded quickly by offering virtual, live physical activity on teacher online classroom platforms.  

The Work:

As teachers worked to teach the core subjects, there was a need to encourage physical activity at home. Utilizing CalFresh Healthy Living funding, CHC partnered with 5th grade teachers at Fairview Elementary School. The CHC educators joined the online 5th grade classroom platforms to present virtual activities. They used the Coordinated Approach to Child Health (CATCH) curriculum. They worked on strength, endurance, and flexibility. Each lesson lasted 30 minutes. Every lesson included directions on hand washing during the epidemic.  Educators also discussed the importance of drinking water. Students were challenged daily to beat their own time in number of push-ups and other activities. 

Girl doing push-up


Story Narrative:

Using the CATCH curriculum, CHC was able to create lessons and solve challenges for at home participation using live online delivery. Parents, teachers, and students looked forward to the lessons.  In the spring, all of the students in classrooms were motivated to participate!

“OMG the CHC is here! That is so cool! Hi CHC!”

Parent of a student, May 2020

“I really enjoyed everything you did! It was a great activity and I’m happy to have you come back and teach another lesson.”

Fairview teacher, May 2020

Woman leading virtual physical activity class

With teacher support, CHC was able to lead a remote PA training workshop for the Orland Unified School District (OUSD). Pictures of success were submitted to Leah’s Pantry and were featured in their Virtual Direct Education During COVID-19 -Marketing and Promo (slides 20 and 21). Teachers from other schools in OUSD invited us to their virtual classrooms, and other districts in the county responded as well. The Virtual Direct Ed PA grew to include a Bitmoji classroom for the Orland After School Program and a Healthy Lifestyle series for Foster and Homeless Youth in September 2020.

"My students love the PE CHC is providing. When they are done, they ask if she can keep going. It is well planned and enjoyable. More importantly, the students are active from the start. She also talks to them about good habits of drinking water and exercising. We love it!" -Lynda Walter, Elk Creek teacher, June 2020

Students: 80

Teacher Participation: 10

Had a Parent/Sibling Join: 16

"From spring semester to fall, students have developed new habits of incorporating physical activity and water into their daily routines." -Kelly Andrade, CHC Educator, September 2020

"When COVID-19 closed our school sites, our minds immediately turned to virtual learning and how we could still help. We found that the needs of our students and teachers were physical activity and instantly knew that CATCH was the best curriculum. We join three teachers and helped 44 students in Glenn County, a small rural community in Northern California, get more active during this pandemic. We are excited to take what we have learned in the CATCH training series and implement them this fall in a virtual setting." -Kyle G, Program Assistant 

State Contacts:

  • Mimi Kmetz, California Department of Public Health (CDPH)

Local Contact Name:

  • Alyson Wylie, MA Program Manager/Health Education Specialist Center for Healthy Communities (CHC)