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Tummy Talks

(Historical Entry)

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University of Nevada Cooperative Extension.

Tummy Talks is a children’s book that addresses recognition of feelings of hunger and fullness. External cues can easily overcome the natural ability of children to self-regulate energy intake. Restriction of access to favorite foods appears to enhance the amount of food that is eaten at a subsequent exposure. This book was written to help adults and children alike to self-regulate food intake.

Historical Document
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USDA. Food Stamp Nutrition Education Program. University of Nevada Cooperative Extension.
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  • Pilot Tested
Evaluation Information

A pilot test to determine the book’s content was conducted. The book underwent external review by 8 experts; suggested changes were made. The revised book was distributed to 10 parents ( convenience sample) to read to their preschooler for additional comments. Then, two staff members went into a Food Stamp waiting room to solicit volunteers from parents with children between the ages of 3 to 5 years old. If parents agreed, the staff person asked them to read the book. If the child was present, the parent read the book aloud to him/her. After each parent finished reading the book, a series of questions were asked and responses were written down. Details available on request

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