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two cartoon kids dressed as pirates with a treasure chest of fruits and vegetables

Treasure Hunt is a workbook for children to find healthy fruit and vegetables at your local grocery store.”

Evaluation Information

Treasure Hunt was created in response to a 2011 Retailer Satisfaction Survey that indicated a desire for a kid’s activity booklet. A pilot study was performed in June 2014, by Retail Program staff, with two groups of 2nd and 3rd grade students. The store tour was led by a NEOPB subcontractor from the University of California, San Diego. “The pilot test showed that the activity booklet served as a useful tool during the tour…[and] also revealed some aspects of the booklet that were confusing or challenging for students and tour leaders.” The workbook was modified to address these concerns.

Funding Source
SNAP-Ed Connection Comments

This pirate themed workbook includes an "I Spy” activity to find different fruit and vegetable “treasures” at the grocery store. It also includes activities that involve coloring and describing characteristics of certain fruits and vegetables. There is a maze activity to learn about where fruits and vegetables come from, as well as a sticker activity where children can add fruits and vegetables to a plate for different meals of the day. The last page of the workbook is a tips sheet for parents, which also lists a recipe resource for fruits and vegetables.