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Teen Parents was a nutrition curriculum for teaching pregnant and parenting teens how to make the healthiest choices for their bodies and their babies. The curriculum supported the National Health Education Standards and the State of Missouri Education Standards. This resource is no longer available in print or online. Please contact developer for more information. 

University of Missouri-Columbia.
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SNAP-Ed Connection Comments

The curriculum included 12 lessons. Each lesson involved knowledge and behavioral objectives, a list of supplies, background information, lesson preparations, core activities, student handouts, and additional activities.

Lesson topics included planning meals based on MyPyramid, avoiding foodborne illness, and recognizing available community resources. Other topics included special nutrient needs during pregnancy, weight gain, physical activity, and avoiding drugs and alcohol. The curriculum's hands on activities involved preparing formula and baby foods, comparing serving sizes and estimating unit pricing. Lessons included food tastings, and recipes, found on the Take a Taste for You and Your Baby recipe cards.

Some lessons incorporated outside materials such as videos, a MyPyramid for Pregnancy poster and handout, Teen Parents newsletters, What Should I Eat? wallet cards, and Take a Taste for You and Your Baby recipe cards.

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