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USDA: SNAP-Ed Data Collection Template User Guide with image of a person typing on a keyboard, person riding a boke and a person writing

The SNAP-Ed Data Collection Template (template) and accompanying materials are optional resources available to agencies to facilitate data collection and tracking that aligns with the forthcoming National Program Evaluation and Reporting System (N-PEARS). This template and accompanying materials were developed to ease the transition to N-PEARS for agencies that do not have a data management system and an analysis process aligned with N-PEARS. 

The template includes two versions: 1.) a data entry workbook, with only data entry tabs, and 2.) an agency workbook, with data entry tabs and a Summary tab.

The user guide provides more information on what data to enter and how to enter data into each workbook. Agencies may use multiple data entry workbooks for one project if they have multiple staff who will enter data (e.g., educator, PSE specialist, office staff). 

The template, companion user guide, and demonstration videos are all listed below. Agencies can reference the companion user guide and related demonstration videos when using this optional template. 

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