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Simple Steps Toward Better Health-and they are Free!

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University of Southern Maine.

The Healthy Weight Awareness Campaign, encouraged families to be active and to eat healthy from 2002 to 2012.

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USDA. FNS. Food Stamp Nutrition Education.
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All materials were focus tested with the target audience.

SNAP-Ed Connection Comments

The Web site contains six sets of slides from the Healthy Weight Awareness Campaign were developed for use in digital photo receivers (DPRs) that are displayed in DHHS offices. Topics included breakfast, whole grains, fruits and vegetables, 3-a-Day dairy, food resource management and physical activity. Related tip sheets were also available for the target audience to take home from the DHHS offices. Posters: - "Winter Workout: Are You Enjoying the Ups and Downs of Winter?", encouraged outdoor physical activity in the winter time. - Encouraged no television or video games in the bedroom. It also offers simple tips to get up and get moving. - Stated that children spend an average of 20 hours per week watching television. It also lists the health effects of this, and simple tips to cut back and get moving. - Encourages individuals to take a walk on the beach, in the yard, or around the block. Brochures: - Listed tips to encourage children to be active instead of watching TV or playing video games – “Watch less, do more.” It includes 16 ideas for gift certificates for increasing physical activity, to give to your family. - Highlighted the benefits of walking and tips on how to get started. Also, it includes a test for your “walking wisdom”.

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