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Shape of Yoga

(Historical Entry)

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a child and an adult doing yoga tree pose
California Department of Public Health. Champions for Change.

Shape of Yoga is a booklet of 10 basic yoga poses that encourages families to exercise together with yoga, building strength and flexibility. It teaches simple techniques to show others how to perform basic yoga moves along with nutrition tips throughout the booklet.

Historical Document
Funding Source
California Department of Public Health. USDA. SNAP.
Free Material
SNAP-Ed Connection Comments

Each of the yoga poses has a food or nutrition-themed title, such as "standing carrot stick", "banana peel", and "folding quesadilla." The pose is accompanied by instructions and photos demonstrating how to do the pose. Photos include parents alongside children of both genders doing the exercises together. Each pose also features a short nutrition tip to help stay healthy. A blank calendar is included at the end of the booklet to help participants track their progress.