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Seniors CAN

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University of Nevada Cooperative Extension.

The Seniors CAN community-based program helps increase seniors' ability to understand and use health-related information, improve their sense of personal control, and extend their independence. The curriculum includes 15 lessons. The four month program is taught weekly, for one to two hours, at congregate sites including public housing and senior centers.

*This curriculum no longer is being taught or updated (at UNR Extension). The curriculum can be downloaded directly from the website, or contact for a copy of the curriculum.

Funding Source
Clark County funding with some state and federal Smith Lever funds for curriculum and USDA Food Stamp Program/SNAP for volunteer training manual.
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  • Pilot Tested
Evaluation Information

There was extensive testing with small in home groups, and then with groups ranging in size from 5 to 25 in congregate settings. Evaluation tools were tested, adjusted and nutrition behavioral measure were added for reports on FSNE grant funding.

"In Clark County, Nev., comparisons between pre- and post-test scores for participants who completed the entire 16-week program from 1999 to mid-2008 (N=959) demonstrate that the program significantly decreased loneliness and stress (p<.0001). Mastery and knowledge levels increased significantly (p<.0001)."

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