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Safe Food & You

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Purdue University Extension. Iowa State University Extension.

This is a DVD/CD package about safe food handling and preparation for mothers-to-be. The DVD contains a 15 minute video about safe food handling, and the CD contains PDF files of the lesson plans, handouts, and evaluations, plus hand washing songs for children.

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USDA-CSREES. Purdue University. Iowa State University.
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  • Pilot Tested
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Groups were conducted in both Indiana and Iowa during the Summer and Fall 2000 with pregnant women in rural and urban settings. The pilot program training was held in November 2000, followed by teaching of the program and evaluation. Based on this pilot, certain parts of the program were changed. The curriculum was distributed through training in Indiana and Iowa in March 2001 (Indiana EFNEP), April 2001 (Indiana FNP), May 2001 (Iowa EFNEP and FSNEP) and September 2001 (Indiana Extension Educators).

SNAP-Ed Connection Comments

Safe Food & You provides food safety information tailored for several high risk population groups: expectant mothers, preschoolers and mothers of preschoolers.
There are three sets of lesson plans included: one for pregnant women, one for parents, and one for parents and preschoolers together. Lessons for parents and parents/preschoolers include more specific lesson plans for educators working with either individuals or groups. The preschooler lesson plan is only for group teaching. Lesson plans include stimulating activities, handouts, an evaluation, and a lesson summary. Evaluation materials, along with lesson handouts, are included in Spanish and English.
Interactive materials include three songs about hand washing on the CD specifically for the preschoolers. A list of recommended books is provided to accompany the preschool lessons as well as activity and coloring pages about hand washing.
The DVD for expectant mothers features a video that follows an registered dietitian as she gets ready to host a baby shower. As she shops for and prepares the food for the shower, she reviews important food safety principles and ways to prevent foodborne illness. Food safety information is guided by the Fight Bac! Guidelines and basic principles of clean, separate, cook and chill. A review of the information presented is included at the end of the video.

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