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Rapid Eating Assessment for Participants (REAP-S)

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Brown University. Department of Community Health.

A survey tool developed to help care providers quickly assess diet and physical activity of individuals.

Listed in the SNAP-Ed Evaluation Framework Interpretive Guide.

Used to measure Indicator R3: Whole Grains

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Brown University. Department of Community Health.
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Evaluation Framework Indicators
SNAP-Ed Connection Comments

Specific questions from the Interpretive Guide- In an average week, how often do you:

  • eat less than 2 servings of whole grain products or high-fiber starches a day? (Serving = 1 slice of 100 percent whole grain bread; 1 cup whole grain cereal like Shredded Wheat, Wheaties, Grape Nuts, high fiber cereals, oatmeal, 3–4 whole grain crackers, ½ cup brown rice or whole wheat pasta, boiled or baked potatoes, yucca, yams, or plantain. [R3a1,2] Responses: Usually/often; sometimes; rarely/never
  • Eat regular potato chips, nacho chips, corn chips, crackers, regular popcorn, nuts instead of pretzels, low-fat chips or low-fat crackers, air-popped popcorn? [R3b1,2] Responses: Usually/often; sometimes; rarely/never
  • Eat sweets like cake, cookies, pastries, donuts, muffins, chocolate, and candies more than 2 times per day. [R3b1,2] Responses: Usually/often; sometimes; rarely/never
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