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Quality for Keeps: Home Food Preservation

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quality for keeps: home preservation
University of Missouri Extension.

Quality for Keeps: Home Food Preservation contains six lessons, each including a lesson plan, hands-on activity and handouts. The core content of the lessons is found in the speaker’s notes of the PowerPoint presentations found on the accompanying CD. University of Missouri Extension’s guides on food preservation serve as the core reference materials for participants.

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University of Missouri Extension
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There are six tabs for the lessons, a tab for guide sheets, and a tab for additional materials. The guide sheets are bound booklets which students can use as a guide with the lessons. The additional materials section contains evaluation surveys and a list of other books and web resources on home preservation.
Each lesson starts with a lesson plan for the educator, and hands-on activity.
The equipment lists for the activities are extensive. There may have to be a large initial investment in canning equipment before teaching from this curriculum.

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