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Promoting Trail Development and Use of Safe Community Route for Walking and Biking

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Healthy Maine Partnerships
University of Southern Maine.

This Action Packet is one in a series of six. It is designed to help promote physical activity and community health through trail development and use of safe routes for walking and biking. The Action Packet provides guidelines for creating the partnerships needed to make your trail projects succeed. Packet resources include background information, real examples, action steps, presentation materials, resources, and support materials.

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USDA. FNS. Food Stamp Nutrition Education.
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SNAP-Ed Connection Comments

Establishing new trails can help encourage communities to be more physically active. This action packet outlines six steps to champion the cause, outline the course, create an evaluation with measurable outcomes and implement a plan. It takes you step by step through the process of creating trails for walking and biking, and includes resources for every step of the way. Some resources are specific to Maine, but most can be accessed and benefited from around the country.
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