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The Project EAT study aims to identify the environmental, personal, and behavioral determinants of nutritional intake, physical activity, and weight status among ethnically and socioeconomically diverse young people. Two questions from the Project EAT surveys are listed in the SNAP-Ed Evaluation Framework Interpretive Guide.

Used to measure Indicator R10: Family Meals

University of Minnesota. School of Public Health. Division of Epidemiology & Community Health.
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US Department of Health and Human Services. Health Resources Services Administration. National Institutes of Health. National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute.
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Evaluation Information

Findings have been disseminated in more than 150 publications.

Evaluation Framework Indicators
SNAP-Ed Connection Comments

Questions which are specific to Framework Indicator R10: • During the past seven days, how many times did all, or most, of your family living in your house eat a meal together? Response choices: a. Never b. 1–2 times c. 3–4 times d. 5–6 times e. 7 times f. More than 7 times Note: Once responses are collected, combine “a” and “b” into one category titled “2 times or fewer per week.” Combine options“c–f” into one category, “3 times or more per week.” • In my family, we often watch TV while eating dinner. Response choices: a. Strongly disagree b. Somewhat disagree c. Somewhat agree d. Strongly agree Note: Once responses are collected, combine “a” and “b” into one category labeled “disagree.” Combine “c” and “d” into one category labeled “agree.”

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