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Previous Day Physical Activity Recall

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Previous Day Physical Activity Recall
University of South Carolina. Arnold School of Public Health.

Previous Day Physical Activity Recall (PDPAR) is a self-report instrument intended to capture the previous day's physical activity of children, specifically after school hours. The PDPAR uses a time-based recall approach by asking the child to recall and record their physical activity from the previous day between 3:00pm and 11:30pm.

Listed in the SNAP-Ed Evaluation Framework Interpretive Guide.

Used to measure:

  • Indicator MT3: Physical Activity & Reduced Sedentary Behavior
  • Indicator R7: Physical Activity & Reduced Sedentary Behavior
Funding Source
Children's Physical Activity Research Group.
Free Material
  • Validated
Evaluation Framework Indicators
SNAP-Ed Connection Comments

Please refer to the Interpretive Guide for which questions pertain to specific indicators:

  • For each time period write in the number(s) of the main activities you actually did in the boxes on the time scale. [MT3a]
  • Then rate how physically hard these activities were. Place an “X” on the rating scale to indicate if the activities for each time period were: Responses: Very Light = Slow breathing, little or no movement, Light = Normal breathing, regular movement, Medium = Increased breathing, moving quickly for short periods of time, Hard = Hard breathing, moving quickly for 20 minutes or more [MT3b]
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