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Power Up in 10: Strength Training for Families

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Power Up in 10: Strength Training for Families
California Department of Public Health.

Power Up in 10 is a bilingual booklet with a supplemental YouTube video that includes ten basic exercises to build muscle strength and endurance. Step by step instructions, full color photographs and physical activity and nutrition tips are included in the booklet. The DVD includes ten additional "advanced" exercises. Each exercise is followed by a nutrition tip and description of how the exercise can benefit every day activities.

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SNAP-Ed Connection Comments

The Power Up in 10 booklet describes 10 basic strength training exercises. Exercises do not need a lot of space to practice or require any expensive equipment.
The exercises included in the booklet are appropriate for all ages. Each has a Take it Further tip, using a water bottle, milk container or dumbbell, to accommodate those looking for a more strenuous workout. Each also features a short nutrition tip. A blank calendar is included at the end of the booklet to help participants track their progress.