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This curriculum focuses on the nine nutritional needs of seniors defined by the National Nutrition Screening Initiative's Determine your Nutritional Health Checklist. Topics include 5 A Day, Bone Health, Your Weight or Your Health, Meals for One or Two, Smart Food Shopping, Eating Out, Supplements and Medicines, Chronic Disease, and Alcohol. Suggested activities and handouts accompany each lesson. Referenced theoretical model: Stages of Change.

University of Maine Cooperative Extension. University of Southern Maine. Muskie School for Public Service. Institute for Public Sector Innovation.
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Historical Document
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USDA. Food Stamp Program. Institute for Private Sector Innovation, Maine Bureau of Elder and Adult Services, University of Maine Cooperative Extension.
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Author notes that additional design and layout techniques were used to ensure a low reading level. Producer reports using this curriculum with low-income older adults for five years. No formal evaluation conducted.

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