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A series of three years (36 issues) of nutrition education newsletters designed to address the special needs of older adults. Each issue includes information on nutrition, food assistance, and general health topics for seniors. An optional “wrapper” with a MyPyramid picture may be used for a mailing label and organization logo.

Evaluation Information

Nutrition interests and concerns assessed through a series of focus groups with seniors over several years. Newsletters were pilot tested in urban and rural areas throughout Colorado, and changes in knowledge and attitude were assessed.

Funding Source
USDA. Food Stamp Program and Colorado State University Cooperative Extension Program.
Age/Population Group
SNAP-Ed Connection Comments

This resource is no longer available online. Please contact developer for more information.

Topics range from general nutrition subjects, such as healthy snacking and MyPyramid, to information about specific nutrients, and more disease specific nutrition information, for diagnoses such as colon cancer, arthritis and Parkinson’ disease.
The issues are divided into specific sections, including a section on fitness with different strength training and flexibility exercises, a recipe section, and a resource section. In most issues, the resource section includes information and answers about Food Stamps (eligibility, how to apply, using benefits), however some other resources include the YMCA, the Resource Directory for Older People, the SHARE Program (specific to Colorado), Medicare, and the Food and Nutrition Information Center. Another informative section in many of the issues is a sample menu. Other articles include information and recommendations based on MyPyramid and the dietary guidelines.