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University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension.

A series of four-page newsletters for older adults. Each volume had a main article related to nutrition and health. Consistent components in each included two related recipes, food safety information and tips, physical activity/exercises called “The Joy of Movement” with both written and image instructions, information on the Food Stamp program, and a trivia piece call “Tidbits.”

Historical Document
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USDA. New Hampshire Food Stamp program, University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension.
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Some articles featured in the newsletter included:

  • Volume 1: Whole Grains for Better Health
  • Volume 2: The DASH Diet for High Blood Pressure
  • Volume 3: Shopping Tips, Eat Better for Less!
  • Volume 4: How to Fill Up, But Not Out! provides behavioral eating tips to help prevent weight gain
  • Volume 5: Beans can Boost Your Nutritional Health
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