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thumbnail of MyPlate for Older Adults BINGO Game

“The ENAFS MyPlate BINGO game provides older adults with a fun game to play while hearing nutrition and health tips that reinforce lesson content and promote healthy lifestyle choices. This CD provides an update and expansion of the original ENAFS BINGO game that was developed in 2001 and updated in 2007. The game tips are focused on content from ENAFS modules one, three, four, and six.”

Funding Source
Elder Nutrition and Food Safety Program/University of Florida Foundation/State of New York Department of Law
Age/Population Group
SNAP-Ed Connection Comments

This resource resembles the format of the traditional BINGO game, with a change in the way the numbers are called. A facilitator will select a number from a pool, but each number called will also come with a health or nutrition related tip to be read to the players.
Each CD comes with instructions, an instructor checklist, 40 BINGO boards, printable chips for the game, and six sets of BINGO tips. BINGO tip sets are designed to complement the content from ENAFS Healthy Living modules, and focus on food groups, nutrition, diabetes, hypertension, or fall prevention. Tips are generally geared toward older adults. The tie-in to MyPlate comes with the bingo chips, which are MyPlate icons, and the categories are separated into food groups (e.g., B = grains, I = vegetables, N = dairy, G = fruits, O = protein foods).