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MyPlate for Older Adults

A 2-page handout: the front features the MyPlate icon, containing foods and physical activities that may appeal to older adults. The back has specific tips listed under each MyPlate food group. The recommendations given are for a 1,800-calorie diet, as opposed to a 2,000-calorie diet. Instead of tips on balance and limiting fats, sugars, and salt, there are tips specific to older adults on eating healthy and staying active.

Evaluation Information

Of the 67 adults who participated in the lesson and completed the evaluation, 70% indicated they learned “A Lot” from the lesson (perceived knowledge gain), and 76% planned to make behavior changes. Also, a high percentage correctly identified various high fiber sources and key vitamins.
The pilot testing of draft MyPlate for Older Adults mini-poster for Latinos, MiPlato para Adultos Mayores (MPAM) assessed older Latino adult responses to the various factor in the draft. Six focus groups were conducted with a convenience sample of 47 Latinos, 60 years or older. Participants found it to be informative, appealing, and culturally appropriate.

Funding Source
Elder Nutrition and Food Safety Program/University of Florida Foundation. State of New York Department of Law.
Age/Population Group