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The Language of Health: An Editorial Style Guide to Effectively Communicate to the Public cover page

From the Preface:
"We cannot deny the power of language. Through words, we share our feelings, emotions, and thoughts. Through language, we convey meaning. This meaning may be subtle, but its power is not. We can affect others. We can create change.

In understanding this power, we acknowledge that what we say and how we say it matters. Language plays an important role in our lives and this is especially important with respect to health. The health field is complex, sometimes contradictory, and messages to the public are often inconsistent. This can lead to confusion and doubt among the public as to what information is trustworthy.

By sharing clear, consistent, effective messages, we are empowered to create healthy communities. With our words, we are helping to shape the beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors of those around us.

This style guide is a resource to discover best practices in the language of health. Just as the health field is in a constant state of growth and change, the language we use must change with it. This style guide summarizes the latest research in effective strategies, allowing you to create health messages that are accurate, consistent, and persuasive.

With your help, we can promote a kind, optimistic, and compassionate approach to health and, ultimately, change the trajectory of lives."

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