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Kids in the Kitchen

This nutrition and cooking program encourages kids to eat healthy meals and snacks by providing them with hands on learning experiences that teach them how to prepare food. The curriculum is appropriate for children aged six to fifteen. Topics such as basic cooking skills, good nutrition, healthy food choices, food safety and physical activity are included.

University of Missouri Extension.
Funding Source
University of Missouri Extension and USDA's Food Stamp Program.
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  • Pilot Tested
Evaluation Information

The third edition version of this curriculum was not tested because of the immediate need for teaching materials after MyPlate was released. The original version was pilot tested at several after school sites.

SNAP-Ed Connection Comments

Kids in the Kitchen is an interactive curriculum divided into three sets of lessons, based on age group. Each set of lessons has handouts and visual aids. The book also includes several appendices, containing equipment use and safety handouts, recipe cards, and a certificate of completion. Additional resources can be purchased through the University of Missouri Extension. Some of the MyPlate materials can be replaced with similar materials, obtainable for free from the web site.

Also, each lesson features a KIK It Up! option, a modified lesson that focuses more on physical activity and less on food preparation, with no cooking required. Physical activity cards, available from University of Missouri Extension Publications, are used to help choose physical activities. Each lesson also includes directions for advance preparation, a list of objectives and core activities, a lesson outline, safety tips, additional activities, and a review of concepts learned.

In addition, this curriculum includes activities, games and demonstrations. There are songs and sheet music included, as well as tasting activities, riddles, and situations and scenarios for older children to analyze. Equipment safety and food safety is also explained for both the educator and children.

Kids in the Kitchen is a cooperative project with Kansas State University's Kids a Cookin' program. Get Kids a Cookin' videos at

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