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Healthy Futures Curriculum

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Virginia PolyTechnic University.

The Healthy Futures Curriculum features 10 lessons that promote healthy lifestyle choices and disease prevention strategies.

Historical Document
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USDA. Food Stamp Program.
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Evaluation Information

Healthy Futures was originally tested as a cancer prevention series, which demonstrated positive changes in almost all parameters studied. Both EFNEP and FSNE participants were involved and collected 24 hour food recall and food related behavior checklists at pre and post intervention. Results have shown significant improvement in both the choices made in the 24 hour recall and the food related behavior checklists after completing this program, per the authors.

SNAP-Ed Connection Comments

Healthy Futures is a curriculum that includes health promotion topics such as breast examination guidelines, stress management tips, and safe hand washing. Only the nutritional components were reviewed.

Each scripted lesson plan focuses on nutrition and the relationship to general health and disease prevention. The first four lessons focus on healthy food choices and basic food safety. The last six lessons focus on disease prevention and reinforce nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices to decrease the risk of disease. Lessons include objectives, resource suggestions, a list of supporting materials consisting of audiovisuals, handouts, suggested activities and visuals.

Pre and post tests are available in two of the lessons for educators to evaluate class members’ comprehension of materials. Also, several lessons include recipes with suggestions for healthy modifications. The compact disk and zip disk included with the curriculum allow educators access to lesson plans, PowerPoint slides, references, graphics, visuals, and handouts. Optional handouts for older adults are available in 8 of the 10 lessons.