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Healthy Body, Healthy Spirit

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Advocates for Better Children's Diets.

Healthy Body, Healthy Spirit pilot project, supported by the USDA Food and Nutrition Service, used faith-based health coordinators to engage the African-American faith community in nutrition and physical activity education program in Wards 5, 7, and 8 in Washington, DC.

Funding Source
USDA SNAP-Education grant
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Evaluation Information

The Healthy Body, Healthy Spirit pilot project established an active wellness ministry with a trained health coordinator in five diverse DC faith-based institutions that implemented nutrition and physical activity curriculum and provided resources that promote and sustain wellness activities. Through the project, 106 individuals engaged in specific education programming on healthier shopping, cooking, eating practices, physical activity, and self-management from a trained health coordinator at their faith institution and additional congregants were educated through newsletters, bulletins, flyers, and additional outreach materials.  Evaluations and recipe “reboot” cook-offs demonstrated improved healthy food choices and physical activity habits. The final report is available here.

SNAP-Ed Connection Comments

The packets blend and adapt educational materials from the USDA and DHHS that HCs could use with participants and in their facilities. Pre-and post-tests were included for each workshop. The 6-week training focused on skill development and behavior change related to nutrition/physical activity.

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