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Health EmPowers You!

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HealthMPowers, Inc.

Health EmPowers You! is a direct education and PSE change intervention designed to increase physical activity (PA) in elementary schools using the Comprehensive School Physical Activity Program Model, promoted by CDC, to improve whole school PA programming, policies, systems, and environments. Health EmPowers You! has the following five objectives:(1) improve aerobic capacity health-related fitness levels, (2) maintain or decrease BMI levels, (3) increase daily opportunities for PA before and/or during school, (4) increase moderate-to-vigorous physical activity (MVPA) time during PE, and (5) improve the school environment for PA.

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Research Article:

Health Empowers You: Impact of a School‐Based Physical Activity Program in Elementary School Students, Georgia, 2015‐2016
Journal of School Health | November 2019
Eric T. Hyde, Julie A. Gazmararian, Shannon L. Barrett‐Williams, Christi M. Kay

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