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Harvest of the Month (California)

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California Department of Public Health

Part of the SNAP-Ed Strategies & Interventions Toolkit.*

Harvest of the Month is a toolkit that provides students with hands-on opportunities to explore, taste and learn about the importance of eating fruits and vegetables. The overall goal of the toolkit is to provide knowledge-and skill-based strategies that are: standardized, replicable, cost-effective, convenient.

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Free Material
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SNAP-Ed Toolkit Classification
  • Pilot Tested
SNAP-Ed Connection Comments

The Harvest of the Month program is a series of 12 monthly lessons with the goal of exposing participants to new fruits and vegetable and encouraging them to increase their consumption of a variety of fruits and vegetables. Physical activity is also incorporated into each monthly lesson.

Harvest of the Month was developed using the Social Ecological model as a framework. The four key components of each month's lesson are:

  • Educator Newsletters
  • Family Newsletters
  • Menu Slicks: Two-sided hand out with an area for school cafeterias to insert their monthly menus. Each slick includes activities and information on the nutrition and health benefits of the month's fruit/vegetable.
  • Press Releases: Two-page press releases intended to help encourage community participation.

    Twelve posters are also available to be ordered to provide a visual display of the monthly produce that is featured.

    The Harvest of the Month Training Corner page includes many materials that can be downloaded and used for training purposes. The Web Links section of the Harvest of the Month Web site has links to many resources that could complement the program.

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