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Grazin’ with Marty Moose

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University of Wyoming.

Grazin’ with Marty Moose is a nutrition curriculum, in which a moose named Marty guides students through MyPlate and takes students on special adventures through each food group. In addition, Marty helps students identify and value differences – not only in food, but in each other. Students also learn about food safety, the importance of eating breakfast, and the rewards from being physically active. Also included in the lessons are pre-/post-tests, student workbooks, parent letters, and other handouts.

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The Grazin’ with Marty Moose curriculum introduces various topics related to MyPlate and the food groups. Each lesson discusses a different food group and includes snack recipes, activities related to the lesson topic, physical activity components, and parent handouts. The goals of the program include

  • “making better food choices”
  • “drinking water each day”
  • “being physically active”
  • “improving food preparation & food safety skills"
  • “being accepting of self and others”
    In Lesson 3- Eating a Rainbow, “5 A Day” is mentioned, which refers to an outdated campaign to encourage the consumption of at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. However, based on current guidelines, the number of fruits and vegetables depend on the specific calorie needs of an individual.
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