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This hands-on course introduces children and teens to the importance of eating in a healthy and safe way. Each two-hour class includes a formal lesson followed by hands-on food preparation and tasting session.

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This material has been used in the San Francisco Bay Area since 2006. Pre and post testing available for testing statistics.

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Get Cooking 1 is a cooking curriculum that includes a food preparation component, where students prepare one or two recipes. While a full kitchen is not required, some cooking equipment or utensils, as well as a sink and a clean work area will be needed. Recipes are incorporated in the curriculum and incorporate basic, inexpensive, and readily available ingredients.

It is recommended that there is at least one instructor for every 8-12 students and an assistant (or several assistants, depending on class size) to help with recipe preparation and answering questions. Instructors will need to do some advance preparation before each class, including food shopping and preparing some food elements ahead of time.


The Instructor’s Guide provides an overview of each session, a guide to lesson and recipe setup, and list of materials and ingredients needed. Many lessons include exercises, activities or demonstrations to enhance the students’ learning. A pre/post-test is also included.

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